Getting started with JRuby on Rails on OS X

I’ve been an independent web developer for over a month now, and I am enjoying every moment of it! If the first step in the liberation of programmers is getting Java- or .NET-free, the second step must be to get employer-free. Of course, being an employee has many benefits and doesn’t hold much risk (especially not if you live in one of these countries where it is practically impossible to fire people, such as Sweden or France), and being independent doesn’t mean – at least not yet for me – that you don’t have to do boring or tedious work.

But it does mean that any time during work hours where I am not doing work for a customer is my own time, and on my own time I get to decide what to work on. I am building a product during these free hours, and while I’d like to hold the details a bit longer (“don’t tell – show!” someone smart has said), I can say that it is a Ruby on Rails application allowing manipulation of PDF documents. Ruby has some decent PDF libraries, and Prawn holds a great potential, but none of these allow me to manipulate existing PDF documents.

The Java library iText is capable of doing so, and so is the .NET port iTextSharp, but would I really have to build some kind of web service in one of these forsaken frameworks? I was complaining about it to a friend, and promptly asked me: Why don’t you build it in JRuby? The more I thought about it, the more this seemed to be the perfect excuse for trying out JRuby, and so I set out to build my first ever JRuby on Rails application. It also helped that I got a free OpenSolaris/Glassfish VPS from Sun and Layered Technologies.

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